Sudaksha Executive and Leadership (SEAL) Modules:

Competency Mapping

  • Enabling peak employee and organizational performance.
  • Engaging employees in job roles where their competencies are best used to identify work around solutions
  • Provide measurable yardsticks and milestones to gauge the degree of effectiveness and productivity

Building tomorrow’s business leaders

  • Grooming the second line for any managerial/business role in the organization
  • Identify and work on smaller tasks or projects that are foundations for leadership development.
  • Facilitating regular SWOT’s that will affect changed behaviours
  • Build a compact 360-degree feedback process to measure effectiveness and productivity

Successful Principles

  • Building successful individuals to grow a successful organization
  • Enable participants to implement success principles in their own way Create case studies every time they implement.
  • Create a coaching/mentoring model to facilitate their individual growth.
  • Comprehensive 360-degree feedback process and in depth monitoring program.

Technology training for Non-tech executives

  • Enable Non-tech professionals to understand the importance of basic tech training
  • Identify projects that non-tech professionals can be involved. Work on past case studies.
  • Helping the participants overcome mental barriers
  • Engage in public interactions regarding tech subjects