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A “bowtie” is a diagram that visualises the risk you are dealing with in just one easy to
understand picture. The diagram is shaped like a bowtie, creating a clear differentiation
between Proactive and Reactive Risk Management. The power of a bowtie is that it shows
you a summary of scenarios in a single picture. In short, it provides a simple, visual
explanation of risk that would be much more difficult to explain otherwise.

IncidentXP combines 5 innovative incident analysis methods in one tool. It ensures a smooth
analysis process and build professional incident diagrams to benefit,

  • Organizational learning by linking incident analyses back to proactive bowtie risk
  • Allocate recourses efficiently by identifying weak and strong spots in your company‚Äôs
    operations through trend analysis.
  • Identify real causes and promote specific and realistic recommendations.

Monitoring the performance of the barrier exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the
Safety Management System. Instead of auditing elements of management systems
separately such as training or maintenance, AuditXP focuses on barriers improving: –

  • Understanding barrier performance by asking barrier specific questions and sending related
    surveys to the accountable people.
  • By displaying survey results directly on your bowtie diagram

This results in one overview of barrier performance, and how this potentially affects risk