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Bow Tie xp

Visualise your risks

Enable thorough and efficient risk assessments by drawing bowtie diagrams with BowTieXP. Create easy to understand visual risk picture that can be understood at all levels of the organisation. Notice strengths and weaknesses in your risk control framework at a single glance, so you can optimise the allocation of resources.

Manage your safety barriers

Identify, analyse and manage your safety barriers in BowTieXP. Fully understand your barriers and their individual components, and create holistic representation of your safety management system (SMS) by linking SMS activities to your barriers.Close the continuous improvement cycle to gain complete insight and ensure barrier performance.

Make risk based decisions

A picture paints a thousand words. Consider the full context and bring together all your risk related data in one easy to understand picture, to take risk based decisions.

Learn from Incidents

Uncover what organisational and operational lessons to be learnt from incidents, by working with barrier based methods. IncidentXP combines five innovative incident analysis methods in one tool. Ensure a smooth analysis process and build professional incident diagrams.

Structure analysis

Let the built-in “Incident manager” guide you through each step of the investigation and analysis. Keep clear overview of all findings with the integrated timeline tool and link relevant documentation to verify and support your timeline.

Visualise what happened

Create an easy to understand representation of the incident. Chain the events that led upto the incident, identify all applicable barriers, assess their real-world performance and show the root causes of barrier failures.

Link to risk assessments

Facilitate organisational learning by linking incident analyses back to proactive bowtie risk assessments. Allocate resources efficiently by identifying strong and weak spots in your company’s operations through trend analysis. Identify real causes and promote specific and realistic recommendations.

Communicate findings

Save time and create high quality incident reports, using your company’s template. Clearly present findings by exporting your diagrams in high resolution images for presentation or printed material.

Audit functionality to verify performance of barriers

Audits allow you to proactively verify the performance of your safety barriers. It enables you to raise findings and generate actions to continuously improve your risk management approach and close the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

Generate barrier based questions

Check all components that make a barrier fully functional by creating barrier specific questions. Define and rate ordinal questions to score your barrier performance.

Create focussed surveys

Compile questions into a survey that fits your target audience and easily send this to the designated individuals or departments via Excel. Audits easily imports the results.

Check your compliance

Translate regulations into clear objectives linked to specific barriers, using compliance frameworks. Show audit results on your barriers to check if compliance level is acceptable

Expose strengths and weaknesses

Visualise the results on your bowtie and make risk based decisions. Analyse barrier strengths and weaknesses and summarise results by aggregating answers as per barrier or survey.

Share valuable audit information

Check barrier performances over time or per location with audits filter. Communicate risks and capture all data in high quality reports that Audits offer.