Building and site safety audits

One of the facets of building design, construction and occupancy requires appropriate attention at each stage to ensure the adherence to regulatory and standard engineering practices implementing methods that are current, designs that do not overburden the safety factors considering the geography and demography of the location of the buildings thus making them safe for occupancy.

Older buildings also consistently undergo upgrades to be adept new uses through renovations, upgraded technologies and new uses different from what they were originally intended to.

To enable this assurance, we as Sudaksha are equipped with a panel of experts who undertake an approach of structured and systematic reviews from the stage the project is planned on the drawing board to the final installation of the infrastructure and facilities. We use references of applicable latest statutes, National and international building guidelines, Analytical reviews using sophisticated analytical tools and techniques to enable optimise investments, make, adhere, and implement to decisions for the protection of people and property.