EHS compliance evaluation

Compliance becomes the baseline of every activity in the nation to ensure safe operations. This has a cascading effect on the progress of not only the organisation but at National and global level too. It protects the well being of all the stakeholders and majorly contributes in risk mitigation at various levels. However, due to the dynamic nature of processes in organisations, many a time inadvertent slip ups have been seen globally that have caused costly / irreversible damages leading to losses on all fronts of economy including closure of well performing industries. This may be avoided by implementing a multi-layer compliance evaluation process to ensure the adherence. In India the spirit is defined in Sec 7A of the Factories Act, 1948.

Our team at Sudaksha as trained and qualified professionals on EHS legal frame works are well placed to be your enablers. We also contribute to the Nation through active participation forums that relentlessly work to enhance the awareness in industry and catalyse changes for the growth of the Nation.