Emergency Preparedness and Response

The response to any adversity or eventuality in any situation depends upon the evaluation of organisational processes, its potential and actual risks, Geographic, demographic and meteorological data and establish a plan to systematically respond to the adversity to contain / mitigate the damage.

This document called the “Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan”. This is also a legal requirement under The Factories Act 1948 for all organisations categorised as “Major Accident Hazard (MAH)” industries and those organisations carrying out any of the “Dangerous operations” listed in the “Schedule 1 – List of Industries Involving Hazardous process” The plan thus prepared is approved by the respective state ‘Directorate of Factorise and Boilers”. All personnel working in the are trained to follow this plan by periodically simulating mock emergency situations and conducting rescue and relief drills.

We, at Sudaksha possess requisite training, expertise and experience to support the preparation of Emergency Preparedness and response plan and their implementation through timed mock drills.