Bowties increasingly popular in India

More and more people in India are becoming familiar with the bowtie method. CGE and its local partner Sudaksha Consulting have been investing in the region by participating in conferences and organizing workshops, to demonstrate how the barrier based bowtie methodology can help organizations improve their risk management structure.

Presenting the benefits of visual barrier based risk management
During the past 6 months, CGE and Sudaksha have participated in a multitude of events: the Global HSE Conference in Hyderabad, the Corporate Annual Safety Summit of Ultratech Cement Ltd and the International Process Safety Conference 2018 which was held in New Delhi earlier this month.

The overall response to the bowtie method and the BowTieXP risk analysis solution has been very positive and people are starting to realize the benefits of visual barrier based risk management. CGE and Sudaksha are looking forward to continuing their efforts to present barrier based risk management on the Indian sub-continent.

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