Pre-start-up safety reviews

An activity conducted by a HSE specialist prior to the start of operations in any setup that has been newly commissioned / modified / upgraded or replaced. The review is conducted to ensure that the said setups meet the intended design and plan of operations. This aids to re-evaluate and identify any potential hazards that might have been missed out in the course of the change process. This is not only for machinery, equipment or process but also relevant for procedures, people resources, and training. This gives the operators an overview of the process in question and empower them to make a conscious decision either to accept or reject the responsibility of a plant or a machinery or equipment that they are required to operate.

The steps of an effective PSSR are: –

  • Conduct technical and HSE evaluation of the site and its relevant documentation.
  • Systematic review of all changes incorporated to ensure their adequacy, effectiveness, and seamless implementation.
  • Identify gaps and implement corrective actions to close them.
  • Declare the equipment/ plant/process is good for operation.