Electrical safety audits

Electrical systems are often located in concealed condition tend to take back seat with progressive passage of time. This is complimented by the fact that electrical energy cannot be physically perceived until the function it is destined to perform or a failure is seen as a consequence in the form of a shock, short circuit, fire, explosion and so on resulting in the loss of life and property leading to losses that may never be reversible. To prevent and contain such a situation, organisations shall be required to adhere to a wide range of statute and guidelines issued by the applicable authority like CEA, PESO and so on..

We at Sudaksha undertake detailed electrical systems safety audits encompassing applicable national, regional & local statutes, guidelines and all their interaction with one another for the purpose of safety in electrical systems and its use. The audits follow the Deming’s PDCA cycle for verification of site status. This enables the evaluation of the current condition in the site vis-à-vis the requirement and take measures to bridge the gap to enhance safety and ensure their sustenance.