Construction and structural engineering reviews

The fit for use of a building / installation is decided by the engineering standards and practices adopted in all phases of construction before initial occupancy. This is supplemented by the factors of changes made during occupancy, progressive modifications and expansions to suit the need. Buildings and fabricated structures even undergo changes in their original strength owing to storage and movement of material in locations that was initially not planned for. These static loads comprise of installation of various building services on terrace. Thus it becomes significant for the buildings to be evaluated for occupancy fitness. In addition to the above, incidents that like fire, deterioration due to aging pose grave dangers to the stability and occupancy of building and structures requiring a detailed study, design reviews and modifications to make them fit for occupancy once again.

Our battery of engineers at Sudaksha are globally experienced in engineering and structural reviews of industrial, commercial and residential buildings / complexes. Our activity in this domain has enabled organisation take remediation actions with almost zero impact on business operations.