Occupational Health and safety

The safety and well-being of personnel working in an enterprise is ensured by the implementation of an array of measures to control work place hazards as per law of the land and with reference to national / international standards through a PDCA cycle for a safe workplace.

The sustenance & upkeep of this activity is only possible with periodical assessment of the existing situation and implement changes through a Continuous Improvement Program to bridge the gap between the optimum requirement and the current practice.

The formal platform for this assessment is “Safety Audit”, the findings of which aid in recognizing the existing status as well as the gap, so that remedial measures can be taken in order to protect and nurture the enormous human resource that is at stake. To bring about a uniformity in the quality of the audit, The Bureau of Indian Standards has developed a standard IS-14489:1998 “Code of Practice on Occupational Health & Safety Audit”. This standard was reviewed due to global standard changes and reaffirmed in 2002. Today, this standard is used across the nation as a reference for conducting safety audit of industrial establishments.