Designed for the power user

BowTieXP Advanced has all the features of the Standard version of the software and includes many additional features and functions for the power user.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • Integration of audits with risk assessments
  • LOPA – Layer of Protection Analysis to calculate frequency of a negative event according to risk reduction delivered by the independent protection layers (barriers)
  • Scrap Book
  • Chaining
  • Mark for Compare
  • Compare Case files
  • Edit Type and Property Descriptions
  • Relationship models
  • Group Editing of data
  • Automatic Group detection
  • Import external data
  • Copy and Paste between multiple files
  • SOOB Matrices (MOPO)

Next to all the functionality that you will get with BowTieXP Standard, BowTieXP Advanced offers a range of powerful features that will help you gain full control over your data. It is aimed at the BowTie power user who has to work with the software intensively. Many of these additional features enable the user to perform tasks more efficiently, such as mass importing data and simultaneously editing multiple data entries. BowTieXP Advanced can be a big time saver, especially when establishing your corporate BowTie templates. Although there are many features, four highlights are discussed below. For an overview of all Advanced features, please download our BowTieXP Advanced Brochure.

Contact us for a comprehensive feature overview of BowTieXP Advanced, Standard and Navigator.


The Advanced edition of BowTieXP contains a range of powerful import tools that will help you import any existing data that may already be available in your organization. This can be especially helpful when lists of job titles or activities need to be imported on a large scale. With the “import external data” functionality, data in the form of MS Excel spreadsheets or .csv files can be imported automatically.

Another powerful and versatile import tool is the Scrapbook. It can be used to copy specific elements of existing BowTies so they can be reused as building blocks for new BowTies (see figure 1). Alternatively, it can also be used to import BowTie elements such as hazards, threats and barriers (e.g.froma HAZID sheet) from MS Excel.

When adding information onto barriers such as job titles and effectiveness values, it can become necessary to hide/unhide information. In BowTieXP Standard this is done by adjusting the display settings, where types of information can be toggled on or off. In BowTieXP Advanced, these settings can be stored as customized display profiles. That way you can store your favorite display settings and access them from the dropdown menu (see figure 2). It provides a quick overview of all the data you find relevant but can also be beneficial when demonstrating the diagram.

While constructing your BowTie, it is likely that you will encounter barriers that can appear on multiple threat lines. Because those similar barriers are instances of the same barrier, it could be that you want to change all of them at once when making adjustments. With BowTieXP Advanced’s group edit, similar instances of the same barrier will be identified with a group icon and can be edited simultaneously by clicking it (see figure 3). Alternatively, barriers that are otherwise unrelated can also be multi-edited by selecting all relevant barriers (ctrl + click) and then accessing the right-click menu. This can be a big timesaver when small adjustments need to be made on already existing diagrams

In BowTieXP Advanced it is possible to run reports based off your own customized templates. For example, a template can be made for a standardized quarterly report on all barriers. Using Microsoft Word, links can be added into a regular Word document where BowTieXP Advanced will insert the requested data. This can be in the form of tables, pictures or other forms of data. The result can be an automatically generated report including title page, company logos, chaptering, table of contents and much more. A great way of standardizing information that gives you an overview of all BowTie related elements that are relevant to you.