Permit to work systems

A permit to work system enables establishment and deployment of a structured standardised approach for planning and executing work to protect people, environment, assets, and products. This is done by ensuring identification and definition of an array of controls required to be deployed at the identified work site. The steps include

  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel associated with the work requiring permit systems.
  • Identification of hazards assess risk and deployment of controls to take precautions against any untoward consequences.
  • Preparation of work site, equipment, and personnel before the commencement of work.
  • Adopt safe work practices while executing work.
  • Evaluation of change in the work environment like introduction of new hazards and adequacy of current controls.
  • Response actions and relief measures in case of any emergency occurs in the said worksite.
  • Safe reinstatement of the equipment / work site on completion of work and cleanliness of worksite.
  • Completion of documentation to close the work permit and report to the authority.

Our safety professionals are well versed with National and international standards, legal requirements for design and deployment of a robust permit to work system and train your personnel for adherence. Contact us for your specific requirements.