Incident Investigation Software

Investigator 3 structures your incident investigation by following the steps of the TOP-SET® methodology. This method guides you through the three most important steps during an investigation: Planning, Storyboarding and Analysis.The software helps you to gather all the relevant information and records the collection of evidence. TOP-SET® will uncover more relevant facts during an investigation by pointing out every factor that could have played a role in your incident, making sure no detail is overlooked.

Incident Analysis

There are two incident analysis methods in Investigator 3: Root Cause analysis and Tripod Beta analysis. Both are well-known methods to find the most important and underlying causes of an incident.The software is very user-friendly in building your analysis tree(‘s) in an efficient way. There are various layout and design options in the software to personalize your tree.


All the information that is collected during the investigation and analysis can be generated in a report, including pictures and an extensive findings section.This report is fully adjustable to fit your company standards and can be exported to a perfectly editable word document.