Incident Investigation and Analysis Software

BlackBox is a software tool that guides you through all phases of incident investigation and analysis. It is a fixed workflow which leads you through an accelerated investigation process, starting with basic investigation information, an investigation diagram, to recommendations and an automatically generated report. It is a very useful tool for low risk incidents and near misses. BlackBox is based on the TOP-SET® incident investigation methodology.It follows the structure of the TOP-SET® method by guiding you through a wizard. This wizard takes you through the investigation process step by step by asking the right questions at the right time, providing you with tips and instructions. BlackBox has been designed to speed up the investigation process, making it possible to do a full investigation in less than an hour. The software automatically and quickly creates: a cause tree, recommendations and SMART-actions and a detailed report. BlackBox does most of the legwork for you, leaving you able to focus on the critical thinking that goes into an investigation.

Because of BlackBox its simplicity and ease of use, people with any level of computer experience can use it. In this way, the investigation of low risk incidents is made much more straightforward and more productive.